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laser cut car keysAny vehicle that requires the use of a laser cut car key, it’s crucial to know where you can find such type of skilled locksmith services in Harlingen Texas that can keep your vehicle safe and secure. In fact, since not all locksmith companies can handle laser cut key replacement in Harlingen Texas and surrounding areas, contacting us is the best way possible to ensure that you can get the skilled and specialized service you deserve.

What Are Laser Cut Keys?

Often known as internal cut keys or sidewinder keys, have a very unique look as they have mechanically wavy groove cuts which makes them thicker and sturdier. Usually, the key includes an identical groove at the back side of the blade, enabling the owner to use the key without worrying about which direction it is to be inserted. These keys are thicker than the regular keys and can be inserted either way , still function.All laser cut keys contain a transponder chip inside it whereas all regular keys do not have auch chip inside their plastic caps.
These keys provide an extra blanket of security and require a skilled locksmith to cut therefore it becomes impossible for the thief to obtain a replica of your car keys.

Without the transponder chip, the car’s engine will not start even with a mechanically perfect key.

What Are The Benefits Of A Laser Cut Key?

Any automotive locksmith expert will tell you that a laser cut key is more secure than traditional old keys. This key design has the following benefits:
• A laser cut key is more precise than traditional old keys, making it really not possible for a thief to pick car key’s lock.
• The equipment needed for laser cut car key duplication can cost a lot of money and is tough to obtain, so that no illegal activity can take place and the robber will not be able to make a key for your lock.
• Since a laser cut key can be used in either way, it is easier to unlock the car at night or during the incident.

The more information you give, the easier it becomes for a locksmith to originate keys, duplicate keys, or replace car keys using full equipment and latest tools. Automotive locksmiths can provide standard metal car keys, transponder keys, high security car keys, and remote keys. We at Harlingen Locksmith Pros have the specialized equipment to cut and program laser keys for almost any car model. All it takes is one call for assistance and we will be at your location in no time. Our service vans are well equipped with the necessary key-cutting equipment to accurately make laser car keys and can have a new auto key ready immediately. We have the capability to work on luxury lie vehicles such as Audi, Mercedes, BMW, VW and Lexus as well.

We have a huge database of customers who refer their friends, family and closed ones to us and we have maintained a great reputation within the community for
• Upfront and affordable pricing
• Services with a smile
• High-quality installations and repairing
• 24 hours locksmith services available
• Licensed, bonded, and insured team

Harlingen Locksmith Pros has been in business for a minimum 5 years and has proudly served Harlingen TX and the surrounding areas. We are happy to serve you and have the opportunity to earn your business at a high security level. Give us a call at – (956) 261-5978 and our locksmiths will diagnose the issue and replace the car keys in full professional manner

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