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panic bars / push barsWe repair & install panic bars that meet all necessary building codes and zoning
laws that allow the door to be locked from the outside and allow visitors to exit
from the same door without having a physical key by pushing the panic bar.
Commercial properties, such as schools, hospitals , airports , restaurants , etc
need to have exit devices installed on emergency exit doors .
Our team of experts at Harlingen Locksmith Pros can help for enough safety.
Important features to many doors in commercial buildings allow employees,
visitors and customers to safely exit in the event of an emergency. Our 24-hour locksmiths will repair panic bars in the event that they malfunction and install new
panic hardware to ensure that the property is safe enough and up to code.


Panic bars , Push bars and exit devices serve a highly important purpose —
they unlock doors that open to the outside of your business premises during
emergencies especially in case of fire alarms.
These doors usually are not in use as traditional entrances, hence one can even
alarm them so that they will alert other patrons that they need to exit the
premises. In times of panic and emergencies, these kinds of devices are huge
life saviours as they have to be pushed with extra weight to open. Panic bars or
exit devices are universally required by building codes. Once alarmed they notify
other patrons about the emergency, and in some installations alert emergency
Many offices and shops and other commercial buildings are now fitted with panic
hardware such as panic bars, push bars and latches and fire alarm operated
door closers. We are here to provide service, repair and replace all types of panic
hardware either on an emergency basis or as part of planned maintenance.
Push bars aren’t just meant for safety , however they also increase the building’s
security level that are well designed with easy access from exit doors.
One can set up push bars so they are ready for use during working hours and
are back to their original position when the building is shut. We have a variety of
sizes and styles of push bars to choose from so they match with requirements for
vertical or horizontal bar design.


Apart from making the space safer , push bars are also quite affordable with cost
effective installation that fits the business’s needs.
Panic bars or push bars are the kind of investments that can save you a heavy
amount of money over the years and can also reduce the insurance prices. In
case of emergency situations – panic bars, smoke alarms, safe windows, fire
extinguishers & other high security systems can help in the safety of patrons
inside the commercial space and resolves all kinds of security issues.
Our fast and friendly staff can withstand virtually any type of challenge. If you need a
fast, reliable commercial locksmith Harlingen TX, you have definitely come to the rightplace.Drop us a call at Harlingen Locksmith Pros that provides Complete 24/7
Commercial Locksmith Harlingen TX Services – (956) 261-5978 for consultation or to
schedule the installation . We are locals and value long term relations with our clients to
improve the security of your commercial space with reasonable pricing

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