CCTV or closed circuit television systems monitor the virtual commercial facility anywhere in the world. We can help you choose a proper system that works well for your property and ensure that everything is installed and maintained systematically . Earlier traditional CCTV systems had no interactive features and often used low resolution – black and white monitors.Modern CCTV has a wide

range of capabilities including zoom in-out or facial tracking that is high resolution display.

Trust us at Harlingen Locksmith Pros to install and repair closed circuit televisions 24/7 where we also assess your commercial premises and determine the suitable placement of video surveillance at a price that best fits your budget


Our CCTV Camera systems ensure ultra level security and protection to your commercial property. These provide the following benefits :


  • 360 degree view of surveillance areas
  • High security images
  • Remote directional
  • Zoom control
  • Weatherproof CCTV systems


Here at Harlingen Locksmith Pros, our team of experts install anything from analog standalone systems to completely integrated access control and camera digital

cloud-based systems based on the business requirements. Our job is to make sure that our clients are comfortable with the security investment they have made, that takes adequate planning and implementation.


Whether you are a retailer, distributor, restaurant, clinic,etc with single floor or multiple floors, we protect your physical assets as well as liability concerns with our video surveillance solutions and camera systems. This technological innovation has security solutions for every scenario. From small businesses with few camera angles to high security requirements such as in airports, schools and urban commercial areas for

  • Deterrence
  • Video recording of events
  • Control over territory in controlled area
  • Ability to reconstruct especially significant events

How do CCTV Cameras work?


CCTV Cameras transmit video footage through a closed circuit that cannot be transmitted to an outside device. CCTV Cameras, CCTV Monitors and CCTV recorders are all linked immediate access to security footage and enables you to watch live video streams of what the camera is recording. The footage is also sent to a digital video and gets stored. CCTV Cameras are usually small and able to be installed out of sight from people both indoors and outdoors. CCTV Camera recording can be an on-site

DVR(digital video recorder) or off-site via the internet, all managed by software with proper surveillance to match particular business needs and preferences.


As a locksmith and security company, we at Harlingen Locksmith Pros don’t just install CCTV cameras but also unify them with alarms and access control for high quality business security systems. This includes upgrades as well as designing of new systems from scratch. The main purpose of installing CCTV cameras is the concerns of burglary and vandalism, if the worst happens they can be the crucial evidence and available proof. Best of all today’s technologies make security camera systems more budget

friendly with full of 24*7 security, safety and convenience features.

We specialize in installation of high security locks, CCTV Cameras and so much more

! While we are extremely excited to provide you with the answers to your questions regarding advanced security equipment, we provide rapid service for high security measures. Our honest and dependable staff can withstand virtually any type of challenge. If you need a fast, reliable commercial locksmith Harlingen TX, you have definitely come to the right place.


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