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We all know that one of the primary purposes of any business shifting into a commercial space or building is to maintain security which we term as commercial office building access control where each corporate entity is unique in its security requirements making controlled access to sensitive areas. Employees, visitors, contractors, other crews , etc are granted access in efficient manner through access control system


Harlingen locksmith pros have a wide range of access control products and high quality of installation of keyless entry systems offering solutions that address the business’s particular safety needs.




Few years back, the businesses used to adopt the traditional lock method and master key system though this system still works for small operations that has less number of entry and exit doors, but at the same time it is not the ideal solution for large scale businesses or buildings with large number of floors, doors and entries


This old traditional system faced difficulty in tracking physical keys & changing lock systems. Furthermore with old master key systems there is no proper entry and exit audit trail for the businesses



Keyless access control system replaces the physical locks where the entries and exits are restricted to sensitive areas like office suits, storage department, parking garages, warehouse, etc using entry devices such as card readers, biometric devices, etc


Although access control systems can do much more than controlled entry to sensitive or restricted areas. These allow audit trails of members involved by keeping electronic

records of all entries and exits through office doors which in turn helps the organisation to identify the person particularly using the door at any point of time. Also the audit trail helps provide the additional important information about all staff in areas like duration of their stay and time they enter/exit.


Many businesses land up paying handsome amounts to change the locks when there is a break in, an employee security issue or simply when the keys are lost. One can be surprised by how much money can be saved through an access control system where new physical keys do not have to be constantly made , copied or changed throughout the year, hence it is the most cost effective way to increase the safety of your property

in a short period of time. This saves a lot of time, money and business hassles over the years.


For a better controlled environment over who can really enter or exit the property gates to ensure higher safety, choose Harlingen locksmith pros that will ensure you confidence in your new access control systems. Now get more information about many system access control services that we provide , don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts who will answer all of your safety questions and schedule an onsite review of your commercial property.


We understand your concerns about security issues when you are operating a commercial building. We also understand that you need a locksmith that can provide you with innovative answers while maintaining the highest level of security.

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