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Electric strikes allow small scale or large scale businesses to secure their facilities with different devices and ​Harlingen Locksmith Pros​ can help you choose the quality electric strike control to meet your business security requirements. Our locksmith services in Harlingen Texas and surrounding areas bring years of experience​ while maintaining the highest level of security by providing innovative solutions to all your queries.

What is an electric strike lock?

Electric strikes play an important role in any access control system and replace fixed strike plates. These are the specialized pieces of hardware which allows an electronic signal to dispatch the latch from the frame for opening of the door. This is mostly done by pressing a button – but the electric strike is the component that actually moves to allow door opening. Electric door strikes are installed in the door jamb and work as a gate keeper for your gate security system. The electric strike installation varies on the type of setup of your door system with the help of various components of that door.

Electric strike devices have a surface that allows any lock to be fastened with a latch and secure the door carefully​. Such electrically powered devices help any business property improve security level at numerous exit points and require careful installation by a skilled expert to function properly , which can be provided by our locksmiths who are licensed , bonded and insured at ​​Harlingen Locksmith Pros Why do we need an electrified door lock system? Many corporate buildings opt for ​electric strike locks​ because these help them with greater control over the timing of when a door is to be accessed. The control panel present in it shall regulate the hours all the time when someone opens the door or even anyone who has access to that door with the required credentials.An electrified door lock can make business or community spaces safer and secured.However, just like any door, there are several ways that these types of locks can get over the top for ultimate comfort.Fire safety is another big concern for any locking device, hence electric door strikes are safe for fire doors exits .

When the severe fire tests are passed, electric strike locks maintain functionality during long exposure. These standards are tough to pass, but the electric strike locks that do pass have a proven track record of fire security.Electric strikes are extremely essential to maintain the functionality of card access systems, intercoms, and other kinds of door systems. Once they stop operating, the whole system gets unresponsive.So who should you call for help? We are trained to work on all kinds of low voltage strikes with the ability to diagnose and rectify the potential lock issues.

Why invite multiple people to get the problem fixed when you can have us ? Regardless,​Harlingen Locksmith Pros​ have a solution for every door security system and easily identifies the top product and installation method for your business property’s doors.​​We are the nation’s premier security experts for years and there are skilled locksmiths near you who can ​ diagnose the issue and repair/replace the damaged parts in Harlingen Texas and surrounding areas . If you need a quick and reliable commercial locksmith Harlingen TX, you have definitely come to the right place.Get in touch with us to enhance your commercial property with quality electric strike locks installed by our local experts. Drop us a call at ​Harlingen Locksmith Pros​ at –(956) 261-5978 for consultation and free estimates

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