Protect your property today by installing Deadbolt Locks and be worry free !

deadbolt locks

Deadbolt is the most classic option when it comes to home security and for a good reason as these locks differ from the old spring locks , the cylinder inside the lock can move only when the key is inside the lock or the knob is twisted. In layman’s terms, you can’t simply use a credit card to open a deadbolt lock! You can simply count on Harlingen Locksmith Pros for superior lock services who will be there for your assistance 24-hours a day.

Types Of Deadbolts :

There are different styles of deadbolts but major ones are single cylinder and double cylinder. Only difference between the two is while the single cylinders have a locking mechanisms that need the key for single side, double cylinders feature both sides

Double cylinders provide the extra security. It has the limitation of being a possible fire hazard due to the need of an interior key, which could be misplaced when fire occurs and result in the building’s residents getting trapped inside.

These locks are cost effective, efficient , time saving and easy to use for everyone.

Deadbolt Lock Installation for Your Home Or Business :

Here at Harlingen Locksmith Pros, we have extensive experience of installing deadbolt locks. Our team of seasoned professionals will install every deadbolt in your home or office quickly and efficiently.

For home use, a single cylinder deadbolt lock is recommended. With the help of a single cylinder lock, the inside already has a latch to turn while the outside has to be turned with a key. When the key is turned, a steel bolt is pushed into a locked position with a metal plate in your door jamb. These locks are very difficult for burglars or invaders to pass through even in emergency situations. Your security alarm system is good for notifying the authorities of a burglar but does very little to prevent them from entering your home. With a deadbolt installed, however, the burglar is usually unable to enter the door. A deadbolt lock is highly proactive about the safety and security of your home and takes care of your family.

For office use, a double cylinder deadbolt lock shall be a better choice and highly recommended. A double cylinder deadbolt lock works the same way as the single cylinder. Only difference is in this case, both sides of the lock must have a key to move the bolt into a fixed position. This type of lock design is a great idea for a business because only someone with a key becomes in charge to lock or unlock your door.
If you already have a deadbolt lock installed but it is not functioning properly, feel free to call us for assistance. In addition to replacing old deadbolt locks we repair them as well. Our skilled and fast locksmiths will assess your existing locks in detail and let you know the better solution to make it safer for you because your safety is our priority.

How do we do it ?

With the exact measurements and a strong focus on details, we make sure your deadbolts are installed right where they need to be to let you enter and exit your property smoothly ensuring all your security needs. Along with deadbolt installation, we have expertise in deadbolt repair as well. No matter what happens, our locksmiths will be at the scene 24/7 in order to get back to normal. Just simply give us a call at – (956) 261-5978 and avoid all your worries

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