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Door viewers are a very crucial addition to any main door. Our home locksmiths can install a peephole in your door to ensure security from any kind of unfortunate incident.

In these modern times, Peephole installation is of great importance as you can control whom to let only selected people enter into your house. When someone knocks on your door, it is the luck of identifying who it is without peeping through the window and, it indicates that you are home. It can be done on various exterior doors to have a check about what is going around your home. If you have children at home, you can have the installation of two peepholes, one of your height and one further down for the kids to see through. This process makes it easier for them as well at the time of opening the door.


Different kinds of suitable door viewers are the following :

MiniViewers: These door viewers are suitable for doors that are no more than one and a half inches thick.

MiniScopes: Best suited to apartment buildings and homes with thinner doors and provide a clear 200-degree view.

XtraScopes: This door viewer is appropriate for homes and buildings with doors of ordinary thickness and wide-angle range.

NuScopes: These provide a larger range of view with a 180-degree peephole.

WideScopes: These are generally installed in commercial spaces and industrial requirements. These enable you to view the person at the door in various light conditions.

Ultra-Vision: These door viewers have a special 132-degree horizontal glass lens and you can see up to seven feet away.

Tips to enhance your Security:

Whether it’s for your home or business, there are security tips you should always have in mind. We do offer security audits but there are necessary precautions that you may be able to take on your own :
• Install new locks after moving to a new place
• Have a peephole installed
• Make sure there is a security system
• Talk to your family or flatmates about who to open the door for or the selective group of people to be entered.

In case, your door is damaged due to break-in or bad weather, we can bring you the necessary repairs. Or if you have recently installed a new door, painted door, or facing any problems regarding the peephole, our residential locksmith will tuen up to you once called upon with all the safety measures.We have a team of professionals with years of door viewer installation where we provide full professionalism when installing a secret eye for your front door. We are the go-to company for residential locksmith services for door viewer installation.
We try to provide advanced door viewers in the market today which is different from the old type of peepholes.
Our clients refer their friends, family and closed ones to us and we have maintained a great reputation within the community for
• Upfront pricing
• Services with a smile
• High-quality installations and repairing
• 24 hours locksmith services available
• Licensed, bonded, and insured team

We’re happy to take the initiative of conducting a security audit of your home that allows us to see what’s in place and give solutions to improve your security level
When you need peephole installation services for your residential spaces, simply give us a call at – (956) 261-5978 and our local locksmith will be dispatched to you. Directly get in touch to address broken key problems at any hour of the day or night. We are always here to take care of any problem and other locksmithing concerns you might have.

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